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Electric Boat Winch Handle | Powerwincher

The Powerwincher electric boat winch handle will make sailing easier and less effort for everyone on board. This powerful machine takes all the hard work out of winch winding and many other applications so you can enjoy your sailing.


The new Powerwincher

This powerful and heavy-duty electric winching device converts most winches to electric. Therefore, much more versatile than electric boat winches because Powerwincher can be moved to every winch.

Powerwincher will do anything you can do with a manual winch handle, but better and faster!


  • All controls easily accessible on top of the machine
  • Powered by an off-the-shelf Milwaukee 5.0 Ah M18 Red lithium-ion interchangeable battery
  • Powerwincher can use generic or off-brand batteries and charger
  • 120 volt, or 240 volt or 12 volt or off-brand battery charger
  • Soft Start powerful brushless motor
  • Locking drive spindle into the winch
  • Genuine 316 S/steel fastenings
  • Forward and Reverse for 2 speed winches


  • Variable speed up to 90 rpm
  • Hold still or power wind for extra winch speed
  • External lubrication port for good maintenance
  • Suits all standard sheet winches
  • Tether point for security
  • Sturdy cradle for cockpit storage
  • Built for tough conditions
  • IP6 waterproof
  • 24 month warranty
  • Free delivery to most areas worldwide (some remote areas may incur additional freight costs)


  • Single and short Handed Sailing
  • Use on all roller furling sails, including in-mast systems
  • Loaded sheet and halyard adjustments
  • Yachts and sailboats of all sizes
  • Hoisting your dinghy on davits
  • Rigging inspection using appropriate safety measures
  • Easier and more convenient to maintain than electric boat winches
  • Much more affordable than electric boat winches
 An Electric Boat Winch In Use | Powerwincher
Electric Boat Winch Battery Compartment | Powerwincher

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